Sterling American Property, Inc. operates from New York where senior management oversees more than 50 employees. Sterling American has consistently demonstrated the ability to identify attractive investment opportunities and succeed in all phases of the real estate cycle. Its prudent underwriting and capital structuring have historically limited downside exposure, while hands-on operating and supervisory experience has enabled the Sterling American Funds to achieve upside potential. Sterling American Property, Inc. is nationally recognized for its ability to respond quickly and with entrepreneurial agility to opportunities and market changes.

To date, the Sterling American Funds have invested in over $4.5 billion of assets in 43 states. Measured by invested equity, the asset mix of Sterling American Property’s II, III, IV and V funds is 55% multifamily and 45% commercial. These funds purchased over 29,000 residential units, 9.2 million square feet of office and industrial/retail space and including SAP I, over $1 billion dollars in mortgage notes and loans.