Sterling American Property Inc has formed and operated five real estate funds since its inception in 1991, investing in real estate assets that represent a broad spectrum of asset types and geographic locations

The first four Funds, now fully invested, purchased $3 billion in assets in over 130 transactions. These investments included residential, office, retail and industrial properties as well as distressed debt.

Sterling American Property Fund V was launched in 2006 raising over $600 million in capital, with over 80% of the equity coming from investors in the previous funds. The General Partners have made a pari passu equity commitment of $170 million to this fund.

Proven Track Record of Value Creation: Sterling American has demonstrated in each of its funds, the ability to create effective marketing programs, undertake strategic capital improvements and achieve operational efficiencies. This has resulted in substantial growth in net operating income (“NOI”) growth and enhanced investment returns as measured by internal rate of return (“IRR”) and multiples of equity invested. This has been achieved in primary, secondary and tertiary markets and in all phases of the real estate cycle.