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Sterling American’s Acquisition team has overseen the purchase of over $3.5 billion in real estate assets since 1991. The team is comprised up of six senior officers each responsible for a different region and asset class.

Sterling American follows a detailed and a thorough “due diligence” process and a conservative approach to underwriting for each and every asset considered for acquisition. At present, Sterling American receives more than 5,000 asset solicitations a year. Using a proprietary format, the team evaluates prospective investment opportunities quickly and accurately, carefully balancing upside potential against downside risk.

The team approach includes a focus on leasing and market conditions, capital expenditures and the opportunity for value enhancement.

Once an asset is deemed a candidate for acquisition, the Team conducts a systematic and thorough due diligence process including, but not limited to, an in-depth financial review of the property’s operations, extensive physical plant inspections, market tours and legal review. After the acquisition decision has been made, the team acts promptly to close transactions.